First Interview: Taylor F.

For today’s post, I have interviewed a friend of mine about her tattoos.  The purpose of this post is to give others insight on why and how people get tattoos. I have come to realize that a lot of people get tattoos with deeper meaning than can be seen by the naked eye. This blog will take you undercover as a viewer of this blog and give you a first-hand look at the opinions, ideas, and thoughts of a person with tattoos.  


The Interview:

Q.  When did you first decide to get a tattoo?

A.  Seventeen.

Q. What attracted you to tattoos?

A.  Because they’re permanent, which makes the meaning permanent.  When you’re older you can be reminded of your influences of when you were younger.

Q.  Which area was the least painful of all of your tattoos?


A.  The neck, maybe because it was so small and a short session.

Q.  Would you consider getting a tattoo not covered up by a t-shirt?

A.  Yes, but it would have to be something very important/meaningful.

Q.  How do you feel about someone with tattoos not covered up by a t-shirt?

A.  They’re ballsy..

Q.  Would you mind telling me about the meaning of one of your tattoos?


A.  The birds are for my two grandmas who passed away, and third bird represents myself.

Q.  Any new tattoo ideas?


A.  I just got the lotus flower in February so I’m taking a little break, but I’m always playing around with quotes and lyrics that I would likely get.

Q.  Did you find the tattoo experience in any way, shape or form addictive?

A.  Yes, both for the exciting experience and also I’d like to add more body art, especially when I come up with a new idea, I just have to get it!

Q.  Do you plan on getting new tattoos in the future?

A.  I’m not against getting a new one, but most of mine have been impulsive, I see something I want and I get it… provided my money is right.  So once I find a new idea I probably will get it.

And there we have it, hope you enjoyed my first interview! There will be plenty more where that came from, as for now I hope you have taken interest in how other people feel about their own tattoos as well as other people’s tattoos!  Just remember to be open-minded and not to judge a book by its cover! 


-Chris Crowe


2 thoughts on “First Interview: Taylor F.

  1. tropab says:

    Hi there! I found this post pretty informative. Most people judge and look without asking, and it’s interesting to hear insight like this. I have friends with tattoos but I’ve never sat down and talked with them about what each one means or any of the questions that you asked. Most of my knowledge I’ve gotten from anecdotes. I’m looking forward to your other interviews to see how they differ from each other!

  2. rumseyhe says:

    Very interesting! People get tattoos for many different reasons, so it’s fascinating to get the inside of why she decided to get them. She seems to only want tattoos that she can cover up with a t-shirt– this shows in a way that she gets the body art for herself, not just for appearance. It shows that the tattoos have more meaning to her than meets the eye.

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