Good Morrow!

Hello mates! 

If there is any confusion about this blog topic it is quite simple. Coming from the suburbs D.C., I was not as accustomed to seeing tattoos on a regular basis.  Living in Richmond VA, I have been thrown into an area where tattoos are not only socially acceptable, but are quite a regular occurrence.

I have always been fascinated with this art form and began indulging into the culture myself.  I am a fourth year senior here at VCU, studying English with hopes of becoming a motivating teacher in high school.  A few of my teachers had visible tattoos at the school I attended so I was never dismayed to decide upon getting a tattoo myself.  I have two tattoos at the moment and have a few appointments in the upcoming months to continue my array body art. 

This blog will be focusing on local body art.  More specifically, individual’s personal tattoos (their meanings, their favorites, different styles, etc.)  Also I wish to include personal interviews with local tattoo artists both in shop and out of shop, as well as shop owners.  I wish to expand on their forthcomings of entering the tattoo business and culture.  What motivates them? What are their personal styles, specialties, etc. 

The purpose of posting this information to the digital world is to give people an idea of what the tattoo culture is like, rather than making assumptions about these people without deeper understanding.  On top of that, it will become a great resource in finding local tattoo artists who are interested in designing the style of tattoo you prefer to receive. 

The target audience for this blog would be anyone interested in getting a tattoo in town, or just anyone interested about the culture and meanings behind other local’s tattoos.  Feel free to post your own tattoos and favorite shops/artists around town! I look forward to any and all input on the subject and wish you all the best! Talk to you soon!

Your Friend,

Chris Crowe


One thought on “Good Morrow!

  1. Matt Gerard says:

    Chris, I really like the personal aspects that you are choosing to investigate with your blog project. It sounds like you will have a very interesting array of information and stories to work with. I look forward to reading about people’s tattoos and what they mean personally to them. Great idea for a blog!

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